Honda CBR1000RR Redbull

Honda CBR 1000RR Redbull [track] MY 2011 [+317 277 16 105]

Honda CBR 1000RR Redbull [track] MY 2011
model code CBR1000RRA SC59
millage [km] (mi) [10500]/(6500)

Parts fitted:
Front suspension Ohlins catridge FGK1401
Rear suspension Ohlins TTX GP
Clutch TSS Slipper clutch
Protections GB Racing
Rear set Gilles tooling
Brake front mc Brembo RCS with adjust remote
Brake front caliper Brembo M4
Brake rear stock
ABS No, model w/o abs
Steering dumper CSC racing
Throttle Domino quick action
Clip-on Gilles tooling
Full exhaust system Leo Vince GP carbon
520 chain conversion DID 520RX
sprocket front 15T
sprocket rear 42-43-44T
Air filter BMC
Rear sub-frame HRC Sub-frame
Front sub-frame Motoholders
Race fairing GP version 2012MY
Fairing stand A2 NT
Frame protection
Swing-arm protection
Decal design Redbull from
Electronics Bazzaz full system T341i
– traction control
– 2 fuel maps
– quick-shifter
– self-mapping system
– shift-light
Gear indicator GPT
Laptimer AIM Solo
stands front+rear bike-lift
Wheels kit with brake disks Enkei stock [yellow] 17″
Wheels kit with brake disks PVM 7Y spoke forged [white] R16’5 or 420 (850€)
Wheels kit with brake disks Marchesini 10Y forged [black] R17 (1150€)
Total cost: 10500
Delivery with the buyer is discussed separately.